UK Homepage UKWelcome Add to Favourites Add to Favourites UK OverviewOverview: This United Kingdom site bills itself as the easy way to buy train tickets. They sell UK train tickets, Eurostar tickets and international rail tickets. You can visit their online store to get airline flights, car hires and hotel reservations. Their front page offers their top 5 tips for finding cheap train tickets. You can book a trip through Thailand, Africa or the Canadian Rockies, for example. This is designed as an impartial service to give users access to a range of over 290 million journey and fair combinations. You can use their quick timetable to indicate your departure station, outward date and return date, if applicable.

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Review 1 - Posted Jul 2006: Why do you always want personal information when all the public want to know is if there's a train available and what is the cost. You must chase more people away from your web site because of this. - Anon

Review 2 - Posted Aug 2008: Very, Very Bad service. Frequently tickets do not arrive in time when posted. When using ticket machines they often don't recognise your booking. Email complaints are not read properly and replies are often incomplete and useless, or too late. They are also often more expensive that going direct to the train operator. If you try to book more than one journey at once the website crashes.

Review 3 - Posted Mar 2009: Wonderful when things go right, appalling when not - call centre makes promises that are not kept, after sales handled badly by phone and at the station itself. Emails sent are incomprehensible and seem to bear no relevance to matter in hand. In over 2 months we are still waiting for a sensible response. Will never use again.

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