Homepage Eurostar.comWelcome Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: The first thing you'll do when you go to their website is indicate what country you live in and what language you'll use to book your trip. With their new Channel Tunnel Rail Link that allows trains to run at speeds of 186mph they’ve reduced return journey times by up to 40mins. Nearly 1.7 million customers traveled on Eurostar in the final quarter of 2003. On the London-Brussels route, they have increased their share to 48%, whereas all its competitors saw their share fall. The latest available figures showed that they have a 66% share of the London-Paris rail/air route, compared with 13% for its nearest competitor, British Airways.

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Review 1 - Posted May 2004: Simple to use search facility for available tickets and a decent online purchasing centre. I would use the site again, as for the trip, it did the job and got us to where we wanted to go on time. Suppose it's easier when you're the only trains using the rails. - Julie U.

Review 2 - Posted Apr 2009: This website makes it really hard for users. Sometimes you will get half way through making a booking and then it will give you a blank page, and you'll have to start again, and it forgets all your information. They must lose so much business!

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