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'Terms Of Use' of the web site. By using the web site you agree to the terms and conditions stated here:

How does the web site work?

The web site fulfils two main functions: one is to provide reviews of popular/useful company web sites given by the public, for the public. Two is to provide an efficient search facility for UK information, products and services. The main search box found on every page of the site will send your queried term to our search engine. If our search engine identifies your search as being linked to a reviewed web site then you will automatically be redirected to the review page. If your query does not match with a reviewed site then you will be automatically redirected to a search results page where you will be given a list of web sites we feel best suit what you are looking for. If you have any further questions about using the TrustE-Marketing site, please see our FAQ�s section.

Privacy Policy: Truste Marketing is against spam and every precaution is taken to ensure that the email addresses we receive are held in a secure location. Email addresses held on the Truste Marketing mailing list are not passed to any third party and is only used by Truste Marketing and its parent company Internet Heaven to send our subscribers information that they have requested. Truste Marketing collects email addresses through its �opt-in� subscription pages. This means that only actual persons who visit the Truste Marketing web site and who subsequently fill in the subscription form are added to our mailing list database. Truste Marketing does not engage in web �crawling� to retrieve email addresses at random from the web. Although we stress that the users must sign up themselves, Truste Marketing cannot tell if the person submitting the email address is actually the owner of that email address. An unsubscribe note is placed at the bottom of every email and on the subscription/opt-in page so that those who feel they have been added in error may ask for immediate removal.

Truste Marketing only holds email addresses and names of subscribers to our mailing list. We do not hold postal addresses, credit card details or dates of birth and subscribers should not submit these when signing up. Truste Marketing Opt-in mailings are only available from the Truste Marketing web site and users should not sign up for our mailing list at any other site.

In regards to the reviews submitted to Truste Marketing for inclusion on the review pages of particular companies, web sites, products and/or services we reserve the right to refuse any submission sent to us for whatever reason we see fit. Reviews submitted by the public are accepted on the grounds that they are the submitting individual's own words and opinions. Reviews, once submitted, become the property of Truste Marketing to use as we see fit to enhance, promote and develop our company and its services.

Reviews and Search Engine Results: The web sites linked to by Truste Marketing are not developed or controlled by Truste Marketing. Truste Marketing does its best to screen all the web sites it lists in its review area and in the search results area. Unfortunately it is impossible to check on these sites every minute of every day so we apologise if users are directed to material, products, services, images or language that they find offensive. As some of our search engine results are provided by sources outwith the Truste Marketing database we do not always have the opportunity to check the listings ourselves must rely on the filters in place by the third party provider.

Truste Marketing services including the review area and the search engine results pages are for personal use only. Images, content, pages, coding and all other material listed on the Truste Marketing site are the property of Internet Heaven UK and may not be duplicated, quoted or linked to without the express permission of the company�s Director Michael Beverley. Any attempt to impersonate or infringe on Truste Marketing�s rights will result in legal action being taken. Truste Marketing does operate an affiliate program where web site owners can generate revenue from listed web sites within the Truste Marketing Database which is run, and details of are held at, the Motley Search PPC Search Engine website. If you simply wish to place a Truste Marketing search box on your site for the use of your visitors please feel free to do so but only using one of the templated designs shown in the specified section of this web site.

All search engine crawlers and other indexing programs are asked to adhere to the robots.txt file we have placed in the root directory of this site. On the pages that should not be crawled or indexed in any way we have also placed a meta robots tag with the content �noindex,nofollow�. No request to crawl our web site will be responded to and we ask that you do not �hit�, �ping�, �check� our website for statistical analysis or research in any sector of online or offline industry.

These terms and conditions are modified at regular intervals to ensure that any new developments in the internet industry are covered. These changes are made without notice to the public and Truste Marketing accepts no liability against any user or third party that feels the changes are unfair or harmful to their interests or business protocols. Truste Marketing is not obliged to announce changes to these terms and conditions, members of the public must endeavour to check for changes of their own accord.

Vouchers and Discounts: The majority of the vouchers mentioned on this site are electronic, in other words you only have to click on the banner to get to the advertised web site with your voucher noted in your browser cookies. Most web browsers such as AOL and Internet Explorer have your cookies set at secure levels so unless you have changed you cookie settings since installing your software, you should have no problems gaining the voucher/discount referred to. TrustE Marketing cannot be held responsible for vouchers not working or for software, either your own or software used for the voucher process, causing vouchers not to register. All vouchers and discount codes are for puchasing online only. If you telephone your order in you will not be able to redeem the offers below or quote the internet discount codes.
Every effort is made to keep the voucher and discount details up to date. In some cases the companies referred to may remove a promotion without notifying us, they may also extend a promotion without notifying us so please check when you reach the site involved that the voucher or discount we have quoted is still available. As with everything human error may result in dates, prices, images, promotions, discounts etc being entered incorrectly by one of TrustE Marketing staff. TrustE Marketing cannot be held responsible for incorrect or misleading information as a portal to these sites and as this service is for informational purposes only. This does not affect your statuatory rights.

Company Overview: Truste Marketing is a company, web site, product and service review web site offering independant reviews from members of the public. Owners, staff and their friends and family are not permitted to post reviews on companies listed within the pages of this site. The companies listed are also not permitted to place reviews on their own, their competitor's or any other company's review page.

Internet Heaven Customer Services, TrustE Marketing UK Department, PO Box 7174, Montrose, Angus, DD10 0YR, United Kingdom

Internet Heaven is not publicly traded and answers to its Directors. Any queries regarding Truste Marketing operations, services, reviews, functionality, availability, security, privacy policy or anything relating to Truste Marketing or its parent company Internet Heaven can be sent to the above address. The TrustE Marketing brand is dedicated to this web site, other web sites that show the TrustE Marketing logo contain links directing you to the main site incase you should enter the wrong web address into your browser. These are owned by us, they are not mirrors of this site so we suggest that you do not save them to your favourites but instead follow the links and save this site to your favourites.

Disclaimer: Truste Marketing disclaims all responsibility or liability for the content, reliability, operation or availability of the web sites linked to by our review and search engine listing pages. Although every attempt is made to ensure accurate descriptions of the companies listed in the reviews section of our web site changes are sometimes made to the linked to company web site without our knowledge and it may take 30-60 days for us to edit the description of a company web site in such cases. We claim no responsibility of liability for descriptions which the user may find misleading or similar to another company operating in the UK, US, Canada or Europe. It is the users responsibility to ensure that they have reached the web site they were searching for. Truste Marketing cannot be held responsible for illegal activities, false statements, non-delivery of goods, credit card fraud, non-adherence to the Data Protection Act 1998, viruses, offensive content or any service or product provided by the company linked to. Truste Marketing acts as a simple review and search facility and is in no way owned by or operated by listed companies - nor do we have knowledge of the workings and policies of the linked to web sites. Truste Marketing cannot be held responsible or liable for the web site not being available or in working order at any time. As this is a service is provided free of charge to the public no claims for damages can be pursued.

All the reviews in the reviews section have been placed there with the permission of the owner of that particular web site either directly from their Director/Board of Directors or through official third party advertising firms working on their behalf. If your site is listed in the search engine results section and you do not wish it to appear in our search results then please contact us and we will provide you with the contact details of the company that have provided us with a link to your site on your behalf.

Your Rights: The terms and conditions and terms of use placed here does not affect your statutory rights as provided in the United Kingdom whether under Scottish, English or Irish legal systems. If you have any questions about the terms and conditions set herein please contact us at comments(at)

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