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LoopyLotto.com OverviewOverview: If you win the one million pound Grand Prize, you will receive it in 30 equal annual installments, without interest.. To be eligible for prizes, you have to agree to let them publisher your proper name, photograph, and the name of your town or county in any media they choose, without additional compensation. If you try to play using more than one email address, all of your entries will be disqualified. They try to send only advertising that you would be interested in. At a little after midnight (United Kingdom time), a random number generator will select winning numbers. You may play once per day, unless the company has allocated extra entries to you.

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Review 1 - Posted Mar 2009: Won a few times years ago when it was run by Allegran. Always paid out promptly. Won twice in August 2008 but to date have not received a penny. Said they needed a photo - they have my photo. Tried to get me to stay at a hotel in lieu of my cash prize. I email them regularly, probably once a week. Complete waste of time. They just don't respond and certainly don't pay out any more.

Review 2 - Posted Jun 2004: Very popular site as far as I know, several people I know play on it daily and I was introduce to the site by one of them. It's good fun, none of us have won anything yet but you never know, and the fact it's free makes it easy for addiction. - Jeff T.

Review 3 - Posted Nov 2008: I have played Loopy Lotto for a year now. I had 2 £10 wins in January, and have received nothing yet. I have sent them feedback regularly, but have seldom had any response. They have given me many excuse for not paying my winnings. I hadn't claimed.(I had) They don't send cash,it goes missing. My cheque has been posted! (It never arrived) Problems with the site. Now they need a photo.

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Garden Log Burner & Grill
Garden Log Burner Basket. Complete with BBQ Grill - BBQ your food then keep the fire going to heat the garden in the evening! Chrome plated easy clean grill. Durable and sturdy. Made of high quality s...

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