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Jackpotjoy.com OverviewOverview: One page of their site lists their recent winners, the amounts of their winnings and wagers, and the dates and times of the wins. For placing bets, they accept a variety of debit and credit cards. Their players can win prizes, make friends, have fun and win big Cash Jackpots.. You need the Macromedia Flash player to play their online games. Winnings from their site are processed within 24 hours. If you don't want to bet money, you can play games in the "play for fun" mode, where you win prize points. There are games you can play for free, with a chance to win prizes such as cash, an iPod mini, cinema tickets, the Playstation portable, an espresso coffeemaker, or a digital radio.

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Review 1 - Posted Jun 2008: Such a shame they have so many problems with their servers. Always seems to be when the PJ's are high and if you get booted...you cant get back on which leaves the people who have pre-bought tickets free to play for PJ. Consider this rather unfair !!!!!

Review 2 - Posted Mar 2008: i played deal or no deal when the jackpot was 500,00 when i got down to two boxes jackpot and ten pounds the offer was 230 what a disapointment that was its is nothing like the tv game waste of money

Review 3 - Posted Jul 2006: Really love playing. Excellent! - Anon

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Midsomer Murders - The Green Man
Nothing is as it seems behind the well-trimmed hedges of the picturesque cottages in the idyllic English county of Midsomer. Beneath the tranquil surface of sleepy village life exist dark secrets, sc...

£ 13.99

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Mobile Phone Contract - Nokia 8800 Orange Dolphin 25 (18mth)
A Nokia 8800 phone on the Orange network with...

£ 23.99

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Chelsea Hotel 90x64cm...

£ 3.99

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£ 55.99

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Mascagni - Nerone
Pietro Mascagni - NERONE....

£ 15.99

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Reading "Lolita" in Tehran: A Memoir in Books

£ 5.49

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GOLDEN FOOL - Hobb, Robin
Rescued from rebels, Prince Dutiful is trained in the Skill as he waits for his marriage with the Outislander princess, Elliania. The people of the Six Duchies revolt against the queen as the princess...

£ 7.19

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Plinth Rustic Oak 2750mm
2750mm rustic oak plinth...

£ 29.99

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