Homepage Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: Now known as Thomsons Holidays. You can build your own holiday or book one of their packages for ski trips, city breaks, cruises or other special holidays. You can book and pay for your holiday online here. Some of the extras you can book online include insurance, airport parking and foreign exchange. You can take a video tour of their destinations. You can book a trip to perform your wedding abroad and they will take care of the details. They have accommodations and flights in The Mani, Turkey and Tuscany. You can check the website for current special offers and late deals. You can book a holiday in Corsica, Costa Del Sol and Crete.

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Review 1 - Posted Mar 2004: Very, very slow web site. Probably due to the large amount of graphics and forms that always have to load up each time. Worst bit is that at the end of everthing it just tells me that I'm better off phoning them. So what was the point in the fancy web site?

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