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Nikon Coolpix S7
Storage media : Integrated Memory|SD Memory Card, Optical zoom : 3x, Sensor resolution : 7.1 Megapixels, Weight : 135g, Digital zoom : 4x...

£ 201.90

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Videoseven S20PD
Screen size : 20'', Technology : LCD, Brightness : 300 cd/m², Contrast ratio : 600:1, Dot pitch : 0.29mm, Maximum refresh rate : 60Hz...

£ 149.99

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Siemens WXL11240
Type : Washing machine, Loading type : Front loading, Washing capacity : 6kg, Spin speed : 1200 rpm...

£ 482.93

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Philips 150S5F
Screen size : 15'', Technology : TFT active matrix, Brightness : 250 cd/m², Contrast ratio : 450:1, Dot pitch : 0.3mm...

£ 138.52

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Nec AccuSync LCD72XM
Screen size : 17'', Technology : TFT active matrix, Brightness : 250 cd/m², Contrast ratio : 450:1, Dot pitch : 0.26mm, Maximum refresh rate : 75Hz...

£ 182.75

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LG RH-7800H
Recorder type : DVD Recorder/HD, A/V Formats : MP3|DivX|VCD|WMA|SVCD, Recording media : DVD+R|DVD+RW|DVD-R|DVD-RW|DVD+R DL, Hard Drive capacity : 160 GB...

£ 249.99

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Samsung DVD-R100
A/V format : MP3|SVCD|VCD|WMA, DVD region : Region 2, Video format : PAL, A/V connections : Coaxial Digital|Component Video|Composite Video|Optical Digital|S-Video...

£ 82.19

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Sony MZ-E60
Audio formats supported : ATRAC, Playmodes : Stereo, MiniDisc type : Player, Radio : Without radio, Battery type : AA/LR6 x 1...

£ 19.99

Buy It

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