Homepage Lastminute.comWelcome Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: When you want to spend more than an evening with your date they've got deals for whole weekends of skiing, snowboarding, swimming or playing at theme parks. You can access travel insurance here. You can use their site to find out what movies are playing in your area, as well as to rent or buy DVDs. You can find tickets to concerts or sports events. When you suddenly have a date and need some weekend ideas their site can connect you to theatre tickets for musicals, plays, dance and comedies. You can book reservations at popular restaurants.

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Review 1 - Posted Mar 2004: The rule generally is 'once bitten twice shy'. Well, I'm a sucker for the best price and took a risk on them again (back in December they let me down big time) and it actually worked, I had tickets waiting for me intead of a puzzled look.

Review 2 - Posted Sep 2005: Beware of their "top secret hotels" - so secret they don't give the name of the hotel and for good reason. We booked one which turned out to be under major construction/refurbishment and a complete nightmare. They tried to charge for 1 night's accomodation plus £ 20 to cancel. - Anon

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Specimen White Wine Grape Vine
A fantastic grape vine that is great for growing against a south- or south-west facing wall, or in a greenhouse. As it is already 1.5-2m tall it will give instant impact to your garden or patio, and w...

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201 Answers to the Toughest Job Interview Questions by DeLuca, Matthew J.

£ 7.99

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Forever Odd
In the battle to come, there can be no innocent bystanders... Odd Thomas, that unlikely hero, once more stands between us and our worst fears. Odd never asked to communicate with the dead - they sou...

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Sonatas Op 126, 101 (Leonhardt)

£ 10.99

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Picnic Basket

£ 9.99

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Smeg FAB28OS Fridge, Left Hand Side Hinges, Orange
The Smeg FAB28OS is a classic 50s style refrigerator packed with 21st century cooling technology. It`s rated a superior `A` for energy efficiency and has a handy Auto Defrost function. The generous fr...

£ 869.00

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The Wicker Man (Badalamenti)

£ 10.99

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End of Science, The by Horgan, John

£ 7.99

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