Homepage Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: They want to be the first place you think of when buying fragrance on the Web. If you're shopping for aftershave or cologne, you can buy fragrances from the likes of Jaguar, Dana, Salvador Dalie, Clarins, Umbro, and Marc O'Polo. Most of their fragrance products are store counter testers, but they also carry some boxed fragrances. You can check their website regularly for monthly special offers on discounted, name brand fragrances. In addition to fragrances, they carry skin care products from Almay, Estee Lauder, Gale Hayman, Roc, and Sisley. Gift sets, as well as related items like eye makeup removers and cucumber eye pads, are available here at discount prices.

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Review 1 - Posted Jun 2004: Great idea! As you never use the box anyway I was well chuffed at the reduction in price. Let's you know just how much you're actually paying for the in-store service though, doesn't it? - Claire B.

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Giani - Flick 'N' Curve
Curved Plate Straighteners-...

£ 9.99

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Lancaster - Eau de Lancaster
Eau de Lancaster is an ideal fragrance for any occasion....

£ 14.99

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Cartier - Pasha de Cartier
Pasha de Cartier is a sharp; spicy; fragrance blending lavender and amber with mint; citrus; wood and musk....

£ 21.99

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Kent Cosmetics Limited - Apple Blossom
Perfume Body Spray- 75ml...

£ 1.25

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Elizabeth Arden - Flawless Finish
Flawless Finish is a Sponge-on Cream Foundation....

£ 9.99

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Gale Hayman - Powder Blush
Natural Peach Blusher Compact with Brush- 5.6g...

£ 3.99

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Escada - Magnetism
Magnetism is a charming fragrance of leafy greens; freesia and black currant drawn to the musky energy of amber; sandalwood and vanilla. At its magnetic fore is a bloom of jasmine; iris; muget and alm...

£ 6.50

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Max Factor - Creme Puff
Gay Whisper (59) Powder Compact & Sponge- 21g...

£ 3.50

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