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Review 1 - Posted May 2007: May I make a suggestion re the packaging of the Protect and Perfect Beauty serum? The pump action of the cream does not allow one to obtain the cream to the bottom of the container. I lost approx 1.5 cm.of the cream resulting in my cutting the tube to obtain the remainder. Otherwise -good product!-C.L.Murphy

Review 2 - Posted Feb 2009: We have without doubt the best store in helpfulness and customer service- right down to the pharmacy nothing is too much trouble even though there might be a queue behind you because when its their turn they will get the same help

Review 3 - Posted Nov 2006: how do i know how many points i have in ma boots advantege card?

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British Superbike Review 2001
British Superbike Review 2001 DVD Region 2 British Superbike Review 2001...

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Faithfull Scaling Chisel STRT 300X75mm SDS Max
Faithfull Steels Are Manufactured In The Uk To The Very Highest Standards Using Traditional Forging Skills Such As Hammer Work On Chisels And Drop Stamp Forging Of Cutting Blades, Coupled With The Lat...

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Haynes Austin/Rover 2.0 litre Diesel Engine (86 - 93) C to L
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Glaciers - Alaska Rivers of Ice
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Threads of Thinking by Nutbrown, Cathy

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