Homepage Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: All packages are sent by Royal mail 1st class in plain boxes and packaging, no Company or product details will be visible. They are based in Newport in South Wales and aim to provide total customer satisfaction and exemplary customer service. They have been trading since September 2000 and continue to grow steadily. They provide a secure yet discreet environment for you to purchase important yet sometimes embarrassing products. They are part of OneNilTrade Limited, who provide a range of e-commerce solutions to small business in the UK.

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Review 1 - Posted Sep 2004: An absolutely fantastic site offering a extensive range of health and medical products. They have competitive pricing and swift discreet delivery. the shop covers categories from incontinence, to condoms and their customer service is excellent.

Review 2 - Posted Jun 2004: Very unique site in that it sells products from a variety of markets. Most of the treatments you could possibly buy online from companies like Boots but some probably couldn't - but mixing 'necessity' with 'pleasure' is a refreshing standpoint. - Kay G.

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L'Oreal Studio Line Party Proof Gel
L'Oreal Studio Line Party Proof Gel for short to mid length hair. Gives an ultra sculptured hold and is resistant to perspiration and water. A major innovation from the L'Oreal laboratories, t...

£ 4.19

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American Crew Texture Creme (250ml)
Through the use of natural ingredients American Crew Texture Creme helps make hair look thicker and controls fly away hair. Suitable for both long or short hair this product adds body and shine whils...

£ 12.95

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King Set - Red
Super King Size PVC Play sheet in Black. Glossy, shiny and sexy our PVC sheets add that little extra to any bed. Made from a polyurethane coating on strong, stretchy polyester jersey. This sheet is du...

£ 105.00

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E45 Cream 350g Tub
E45 has been clinically proven to treat and soothe dry, itching, flaking, chapped, rough and calloused skin, sunburn and detergent hands....

£ 6.49

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The grown up game for playful couples. Nookii is a game for couples. The Nookii cards have been designed to generate sexy fun - you don't move around a board, with Nookii you move around each othe...

£ 22.95

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American Crew Texture Creme (125ml)
Through the use of natural ingredients American Crew Texture Creme helps make hair look thicker and controls fly away hair. Suitable for both long or short hair this product adds body and shine whils...

£ 7.95

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Lovers Hot Water Bottle
This sexy hot water bottle will keep your man or women warm when you can't be there yourself. Know that even if you have to be away your guy or gal will be snug without you (or anyone else!)....

£ 6.79

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Astroglide Strawberry Flavour (142g)
New strawberry flavoured astroglide personal lubricant provides whisper-light lubrication with a touch of strawberry for enhanced pleasure....

£ 11.95

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