Homepage Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: They do put on sales around the country from time to time - usually held in places like Town Halls (often referred to as "Town Hall Sales"). They sell quality women's, men's and children's clothes via the Internet and Mail Order. Choose a category of menswear, womenswear, childrenswear and babywear. Get a jump on the luddites, top quality dresses, shoes, shirts, boots etc by a realistic designer with a realistic model (vogue is a banned word for outfits). Today they employ over 400 hard working staff and despatch over 2,000 orders every day from their warehouse. Their web site launched in April 1999.

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Review 1 - Posted Aug 2008: Lovely clear organised site. Has been well thought out and therefore user friendly. Thank you. L in Devon

Review 2 - Posted Mar 2009: I am a new customer to Boden. My skirt and cardigan arrived very quickly and the quality of both were great. Unfortunately to skirt did not fit well and I returned it. I was very pleasantly surprised by the efficient e-mail updates and speed of the refund. So good quality items, great customer service and I new regular supplier of beautiful clothes for me. Hoorah!

Review 3 - Posted Jun 2009: I had never previously ordered because a bit outside my price range ! but a £10 incentive voucher plus 15% and free p & p and returns prompted me into action - ordered 4 items expecting to send 3 back - all perfect sizing - very good quality and design - instantly updated my wardrobe - kept them all ! Very good service. Will certainly save up to order in the future - M.E. Crudgington

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Raw Edge Linen Skirt
This is a skirt casual enough to be worn everyday, but one which you don�t see everyday. If you know what I mean. Pure linen, simple but effective hem detail, fabulous prints. Now do you see what I ...

£ 29.50

Buy It

Funky Applique T-shirt
The witty, sequined, appliqu�s make this my favourite T-shirt. And all the girls we know have put it at the top of their wish lists too. An absolutely fabulous present....

£ 5.00

Buy It

Velour Bootlegs
Give me one good reason why clothes for relaxing shouldn�t be glamorous? Because here are three good reasons to buy these trousers: top quality, hardwearing velour in strong colours....

£ 11.00

Buy It

Washed T-shirt
For me, a really relaxing holiday means we�re all wearing shorts and T-shirts, for just pottering around. Washed down to favourite, friendly, faded colours....

£ 5.00

Buy It

Slim Wool Crops
The style may be casual, but these trousers needn�t be. By realising them in these more formal fabrics, we have elevated crops to a whole new world of activities....

£ 39.00

Buy It

Washed Stripy Half Zip
Meaty enough to wear instead of a jacket when it�s not absolutely freezing....

£ 11.00

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Stripy Double Layer Tee
The name tells most of the story. And from the picture you can see that there is something of the Mod about this top. So all I have to do is draw your attention to the raw cut edges at cuff, neck and...

£ 21.00

Buy It

Belted Cotton Skirt
Whether you opt for the babycord or the denim, you will have yourself a reliable, hard-wearing and great looking skirt to look after you through the winter. Note the patch back pockets....

£ 30.00

Buy It

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