Homepage Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: Their online range includes all the best selling shirts, ties, knitwear and accessories. After opening his first shop on Fenchurch Street in 1900, Austin Reed would begin to build what was just the beginning of Austin Reed today by opening branches in Regent Street, Oxford Street, Birmingham and Manchester. Their stores offer One to One Consultation, Signature Personal Tailoring and Special Order Shirt Services.. From a single shop in the City of London in 1900, Austin Reed has transformed itself from a traditional business into a dynamic and progressive group, boasting over 70 outlets in the UK with international licensees across the globe.

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Review 1 - Posted Nov 2004: I have bought several suits, including both skirts and pants - and I love them. They are excellent quality and classic design - that never goes out of style. Now, however, I have great difficulty finding a store that carries Austin Reed garments. This is very frustrating. I would buy more if I could find them.

Review 2 - Posted May 2004: Always exceptional quality and style. The thing that's always influenced me is that they choose styles that aren't just 'fads', they will still be fashionable months after buying them instead of days! - Siminta J.

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Navy Washed Twill 5 Pocket
Navy Washed Twill 5 Pocket Trouser....

£ 29.95

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White Twill Check Quick Iron Shirt
White twill check quick iron shirt...

£ 19.95

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Lilac Broken Stripe 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
Lilac broken stripe 3/4 sleeve shirt with turn back cuff...

£ 29.00

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Quick-Iron Blue Herringbone Shirt
Quick-Iron blue herringbone stripe shirt....

£ 39.95

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Grey Suit Jacket
Single breasted, 3 button grey suit jacket. Matching suit trouser also available...

£ 199.00

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Non-Iron Lilac Mini Check Shirt
Lilac mini-check, non iron shirt with classic collar and double cuffs. Non-Iron shirts are exactly that - no need to iron. Our easy to care for Non-Iron range of shirts will ensure you remain smart ...

£ 49.95

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Black Rain Coat

£ 149.00

Buy It

Navy Ribbed Mercerised Socks
Standard Navy Ribbed, Mercerised Socks...

£ 8.00

Buy It

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