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Review 1 - Posted Mar 2010: I was disappointed with the revamped catalogue. Because the pages are so much smaller I don't get the feel for the finished product and the small colour charts make it difficult to image how it would look. It is almost impossible to see patterns and styles of smaller items like scarves and shoes. Maybe I just don't like change but I much prefer the catalogue as it was. An OAP

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Women's Short Sleeve Knee Length Sleep-T
In our experience, beauty sleep and scratchy sleepwear just don't mix. A quality kip demands a quality fabric if your uncompromised comfort is to be guaranteed once the lights are out. Soothingly,...

£ 19.00

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Child’s Extreme Squall Boots
We've added all the best features into our Extreme Squall® Boots, so children can stomp through rain, slush and snow with confidence. The 400-gram Thermolite® insulation is the warmest we offer ...

£ 34.00

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Men’s Insulated Quilted Gloves
Natural down is warm but has a tendency to clump, separate and lose its ability to insulate when wet. Lightweight, lofty PRIMALOFT® on the other hand, is a synthetic microfibre insulation that repels...

£ 19.00

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Women’s Sleeveless Cover-up
You could spend more on a T-shirt and still not get the likes of this pure, combed cotton jersey: supremely soft and light on sun-warmed skin, yet durable enough to see several summers’ duty. Ribbed...

£ 19.00

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Men’s Long Traditional Fit 5-Pocket Jeans
These Traditional Fit Jeans are cut to an original, close-to-the-body fit with tapered legs; traditional five-pocket styling with all the features you expect such as reinforced seams, rivets and a rus...

£ 32.00

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Women’s Stretch Fleece Tee
This stretch fleece tee has been specially designed to warm you up without weighing you down, so you get the cosy insulation that locks out cold, as well as an easy-going drape that gives you the free...

£ 19.00

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Men’s Cotton/Cashmere V-neck
A dressy, classic V-neck you'll wear all four seasons. Full fashioned with saddle shoulders, and knitted in a creamy soft concoction of rich cotton made extra soft with luxurious cashmere. It'...

£ 59.00

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Men's Cashmere T-Neck Sweater
Cashmere connoisseurs will tell you that the world's finest comes from Inner Mongolia. There, in one of the most inhospitable places on earth, nomadic herders tend the goats which yield the precio...

£ 109.00

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