Homepage Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: Thorntons delivery is a next day / specific day service, this is so they can be sure that orders arrive with their customers in a premium condition and minimises the chances of damage in transit and storage outside their premises. Services offered include Celebrations, Gift Ideas, Greeting Cards, Party Favours and Theydding Services.. Their chocolate range includes Continental, Eden by Thorntons, Diabetic, Special Toffee & Fudge, Thorntons Classics, Dessert Gallery and Origins. They regret that they cannot offer a next day service to Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands, Isles of Scilly or the Isle of Man.

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Review 1 - Posted Jan 2008: I placed an Christmas order with Thornstons chocolates, and although the delivery was delivered in time, the actual chocolates were not in good condition, ie. father chistmas chocs were broken in bits! A real dissapointment! Won't be buying again.

Review 2 - Posted Dec 2008: But what about a visit!! Would be fantastic to see the chocs made! How about it Thorntons! Dissapointed as this is what I wanted to buy for my daughter-in-law--she would have loved it! Think about it---Cadbury's have been doing it for years, so why not you? Best wishes Pam Farmer

Review 3 - Posted Jul 2007: I couldn't find the detail about the chocolates that I wanted, ended up phoning my local shop (whose number I did find on the web site) who were really helpful. Think it is a bit of a wasted opportunity... reading about chocolate makes you want to buy it!

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