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Iwantoneofthose.com OverviewOverview: They offer sophisticated Lifestyle and home decorating items, right beside Kitsch like the Candy G-string and the Fart Machine. Their Games and Puzzles include the newest techno games and classic board games. What they call Super Toys includes telescopes, drum kits, minicarts and scooters. Under the category they call Gadgets and Gizmos, they sell MP3 and other audio, digital and DVD players, cameras, watches, lights and torches, and accessories like batteries and memory cards. Listed under Office Toys are many of the kitschy items like an Inflatable Moose Head, the Humping Dog, a Dinosaur Plant, and Buck the Talking Stag. .

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Review 1 - Posted Dec 2008: i purchased racing grannies from this sight overall price £17.00 only to see it at a local store (heatons)priced £4.99 words fail me (i guess your thrilled) margot houlahan

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Massage Cushion
Whether curled up on the sofa at home, or easing the tedium of work or travel, the Massage Cushtie creates a haven of relaxation wherever you are....

£ 12.95

Buy It

Gift of a Goat

£ 15.00

Buy It

Portable Turntable
If you thought that the birth of the super-portable MP3 was the death of vinyl, then think again....

£ 79.99

Buy It

Parcel Tape
Sticky tape is just so depressingly 1970, slightly yellowing and altogether dull....

£ 2.49

Buy It

Leather Tube Map Wallet

£ 34.95

Buy It

RC Pirate Ship
Arrghg me hearties, splice the main-brace, shiver me timbers, feed the parrot and pop some batteries in me hold oohh argh. Or something like that....

£ 29.95

Buy It

Banana Guard
When nature went about designing a case for its beloved banana it just wasn't thinking ahead. True it's pretty cool packaging, easy access, colour coded and bio-degradable, but it simply wasn&...

£ 4.99

Buy It

Arcade Table
Possibly the only piece of cool design to come out of the 80's is back....

£ 1,799.00

Buy It

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