Homepage Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: The 3rd plan is for people who use their landline phone all the time. If you are a landline customer, you can get their broadband service at a discounted rate. If you successfully recommend a friend or family member, meaning they purchase the service, then you get a credit to your account, and the two of you can talk for free.. The first landline tariff offers free weekend calls to all United Kingdom landlines. When you have a landline account, you can just add a uniform monthly fee and it tops up your mobile account. All of their customers can call each other's mobile phones from a landline for free. You can set it up online at this site and they'll arrange it all.

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Review 1 - Posted Jan 2009: My comments about taltalk are unprintable. hsving switched from BT on18/11/07 I have since been calling to activate a 1571 service on at least a twice weekly timescale. I have a long list of names and dates with various promises of activation from 48 hours, to 3-5 days activation period having now been told this on at least 6 occasions. I have lost the will to live. I am cancelling my direct debi

Review 2 - Posted Mar 2004: Feel cheated that because "signed up" via phone and no gift. Find it difficult to enter Calling Circle numbers via web site and via phone.

Review 3 - Posted Sep 2008: I am a customer with talk talk for over a year now i m based in manchester town.Since 2 weeks my broad band service is not working i had been in touch with them every day wasting few hours but no assistance is given i m totally frustrated and lost patience i have done a biggest mistake of my life subscribing to talk talk.Its one of the worst company to deal with.I strongly advise to stay away.SA

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Faithfull Flatbit 28mm
Faithfull Flat Bits...

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Satin Nickel Xenon Toilet Roll Holder
Toilet Roll Holder. Solid Brass with Satin Nickel finish Dimensions: 140 x 85 x 40 mm Made from solid brass the clear-cut lines of XENONTM are offered in chrome or satin nickel finish. This high quali...

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Shoot Out The Lights

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Do You Want To Know A Secret

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Salvador Dali - Dalimix
Dalimix is a refreshing; fruity fragrance. A unisex blend of refreshing citrus; with notes of sandalwood and amber....

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Challenge Telephone Message Pad 80 Sheets 127x102mm Yellow Paper Ref Pack 10
80 sheet desk pads Size 127x102mm Telephone Message Pad F71971 Yellow Packed 10...

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Ferrari 246 GTS Dino Burgundy
A wonderful 118 scale Ferrari 246 GTS Dino from model makers Mattel. The model is diecast in metal and features opening doors and bonnet, and working steering. The model measures approximately 10 inch...

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Nokia N80 (Black)

£ 28.99

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