Homepage Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: The 3rd plan is for people who use their landline phone all the time. Line rental is included with your tariff so that you get just one phone bill. This is a home phone company from The Carphone Warehouse. All of their customers can call each other's mobile phones from a landline for free. The first landline tariff offers free weekend calls to all United Kingdom landlines. You can use this site to order phone or broadband service, view frequently asked questions and look at local and international call rates. When you have a landline account, you can just add a uniform monthly fee and it tops up your mobile account.

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Review 1 - Posted May 2008: Probably the worst internet and telephone provider in the uk today! i never actually was able to get their broadband service as they could'nt get it to work "no other provider i had ever had this problem" also the telephone was terrible with crossed lines and computer noise etc it would even tell me i had not enough credit (yes) on a landline? NO refunds ! NO help ! NO use to anyone !

Review 2 - Posted Jan 2009: can you do somthing about your backround music,,,when we call(your customer) we have to wait sometime more than 20 min,,,the music and the song you have chossen drives us crazy,,loud please can you do somthing about it

Review 3 - Posted Jul 2006: Quite complicated despite the'step by step instruction' on CD as I didn't know the meaning of some expressions in the set - up questions; the 'don't know' options did not produce a satisfactory end result installing talltall broadband which resulted in a costly phonecall to the expert advisor after a 10 minute wait for which the consumer is also being charged the high rate of 10p per minute. - Anon

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