Homepage Greenfingers.comWelcome Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: Their home pages features whatever Clearance Offers are currently in force. When your gardening causes a few aches and pains, but you don't want to give it up, try some of their Homedics or Lifeplan products to support your elbows, back, feet and knees. You can visit their online Gardening Workshops, read the Gardening Editorial, or if you have a specific question you can visit the Ask George page. They have a link to the official United Kingdom pesticides website, so that you can learn how to use pesticides correctly. Their gardening store offers sheds, furniture, ornaments, lighting, and water fountains and other features.

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Review 1 - Posted Jun 2004: Okay, I realise that they're a gardening site and that their name contains the word green, but it's just such a horrible colour to have you website in! Other than that, I do like the 'Ask George' feature and the other informational pieces on the site. - Danten K.

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