Homepage Greenfingers.comWelcome Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: They are a UK online gardening store and resource. The Christmas page is open all year round at their website, so you can always find fiber optic trees and other lighting products to light up your life outdoors, whatever the season. Their gardening store offers sheds, furniture, ornaments, lighting, and water fountains and other features. You can visit their online Gardening Workshops, read the Gardening Editorial, or if you have a specific question you can visit the Ask George page. You can register on their site to receive their free catalog in the mail. Their home pages features whatever Clearance Offers are currently in force.

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Review 1 - Posted Jun 2004: Okay, I realise that they're a gardening site and that their name contains the word green, but it's just such a horrible colour to have you website in! Other than that, I do like the 'Ask George' feature and the other informational pieces on the site. - Danten K.

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Sturdy 100kg Load Truck Trolley
May be configured into two different shapes according to the load you're transporting...

£ 49.00

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Supa Klog
Comfortable practical and sylish clogs...

£ 15.00

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3 Drawer Bedside Cabinet
Simply styled lacquer-finish solid pine bedside cabinet with 3 drawers...

£ 49.00

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Professional Polycarbonate 16'8 x 8'6 Complete Greenhouse
5.07m x 2.60m...

£ 1,959.00

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Oasis Composter 340L
Moulded plastic composter 340l...

£ 49.00

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Evolution Professional Patio Heater
12.5kw stainless steel convertible patio heater/tabletop heater with award winning spiral design and an adjustable 6-metre heat circle....

£ 289.00

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Spear and Jackson Stainless Steel Dutch Hoe
Hoe with stainless steel head and weatherproofed ashwood handle....

£ 29.00

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Bark Control Collar
A safe humane and effective way to control unwanted barking....

£ 17.00

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