UK Homepage UKWelcome Add to Favourites Add to Favourites UK OverviewOverview: They offer additional value-added services, such as Wireless LAN, Teleworker and Web Design solutions. Also, you can make phone calls through your computer and BT Yahoo! Internet connection with BT Communicator. For businesses they offer Business 500 Plug & Go - a self-install Broadband product. Premium Services available including SMS Alerts, email alerts, games downloads, extra mail storage and NetProtect. BT Openworld, BT's mass market Internet division, is one of the UK's leading Internet service providers. They also provides Broadband over satellite for business users. They deliver broadband and narrowband services to more than 1.7 million business and consumer customers in the UK.

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Review 1 - Posted Feb 2009: not as good as you may think as they cannot even install the home hub on vista

Review 2 - Posted Jan 2009: I am having problems (again) to connect to my Emails frome my Btyahoo page. A Very frustated user

Review 3 - Posted Feb 2007: i really hate it when in the middle of a search i am switched from btyahoo to the yahoo homepage and the toolbar has the return buttons blanked out so i have to disconnect and then reconnect to bt thus losing my search. why am i being forced to use a page i don't want when i am happy with btyahoo, such a nuisance.

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