Homepage BTBroadBand.comWelcome Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: BT Openworld, BT's mass market Internet division, is one of the UK's leading Internet service providers.. Their consumer broadband product has a high degree of personalisation, integrated parental controls, a high standard of security such as a free firewall, anti-virus and anti-spam software and a pop-up killer for spam. For businesses they offer Business 500 Plug & Go - a self-install Broadband product. They offer additional value-added services, such as Wireless LAN, Teleworker and Web Design solutions. Consumer narrowband products include BT Yahoo! Anytime, BT Yahoo! Surftime and BT Yahoo! Pay as you go.

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Review 1 - Posted Feb 2008: Why has BT broadband become very slow in the Ballymoney, N.Ireland area. It was super until recently. Olive

Review 2 - Posted Sep 2008: I am thinking of giving up B.T broadband unless they can imploy staff that has common sense so that when you phone with a complaint you do not get sent to 5 different departments and when you go on broadband you can find a complaints dept

Review 3 - Posted Nov 2004: I was a member of BY Openworld for several months before switching to broadband. I didn't have a problem getting it but my Gran who lives in Scotland didn't get it until last month. Seems a bit unfair considering we all pay the same line rental? - Donald D.

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