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Tesco.com OverviewOverview: They have shavers and other personal care items. This is the online home of a popular shopping club. There leisure equipment includes exercise machines, cycles, luggage and camping gears. They have their own mobile network. You can order flowers, wine, computer games, music downloads and MP3 players. You can get home phones, Internet access and mobile phones through this site. They offer personal finance products like loans, credit cards, savings, insurance and mortgages. They have a tab for what they call their biggest non-food store. You can order office and computing equipment like PCs, laptops, telephones, paper shredders, printers and inks, monitors and faxes.

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Review 1 - Posted Nov 2008: a solid wood table should last for years! on the second delivery i thought tescos would get it right unfortunatly 1 year on 1 chair has broke with rot and another chair is also almost broken and wouldnt you beleive it i have no warranty and it only ran out days before my cair broke unlike tescos i think this is useful information after two deliveries the quality is rubbish wasted good money.

Review 2 - Posted Aug 2008: why do companies change their products ,most of the time for the worse.i have been buying tesco savoury onion rings for years and on a recent shopping trip noticed the change of packet and when tasting them noticed the flavour was different too.whatever the new ingredient is please take it out they are nowhere near as nice please change them back.

Review 3 - Posted Aug 2008: have tried to get a day dress for a christening and that is what I put in, it showed me jodpers and said it didnt have any dress's, I have seen a lovely tesco blue and white dress in a magazine, which would have been perfect, your web site is as far as I am concernerned useless. Dot Thomas

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Sherlock Holmes - Dressed To Kill
Sherlock Holmes - Dressed To Kill DVD Region 2 Sherlock Holmes - Dressed To Kill...

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Fox Theatre Atlanta Ga 27th June 2006 by Powerhouse Factories - 61x46cm - Limited Edition of 75 Copies Only - Hand Signed & Numbered by PowerHouse Factories - 4 Colour Screen Print On Heavy Stock...

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Are You With Me [US Import]

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Nia Chocolate Double Bed with Luxury Firm Mattress.
Chocolate-coloured bed with decorative headboard and pine slatted base. Includes luxury firm mattress. Size (W)141, (L)195, (H)96cm. Packedflat for home assembly....

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Jessops Wide Angle Hood 62mm
Helps eliminate flare from external reflection....

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Wiggin Out
The funkiest and coolest wigs on the planet. Not a sentence we ever thought we'd write, but these foam wigs rock....

£ 8.99

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Visual Audio Sensory Theatre

£ 9.99

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