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Review 1 - Posted Apr 2006: I found the site scrappy,some of the images didn't load.There were too few images. Tried to order a catalogue, without success, very disappointed.

Review 2 - Posted Mar 2004: Seriously expensive stuff, but then again no-one else is really selling this style of furniture. I found the site well laid out but the graphics were too fuzzy and some of them wouldn't load.

Review 3 - Posted May 2009: What happened to the Manchester Shops i.e. St Anne's Square, and Manchester Trafford Centre

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Hello Casey! Don't you look smart in your ribbon. This expressive bear seems to have a lot to say. Made from schulte mohair, Casey is a limited edition of 750. He h...

£ 74.99

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Garnet Trefoil Cross
Garnet Trefoil Cross

Known in heraldry as the trefoil or budded cross this shape actually evolved from earlier Celtic druidry. In Christianity, however, the trefoil end caps represent the Holy Tri...

£ 24.00

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Crystal Beaded Coil Necklace
Crystal Beaded Coil Necklace

A fabulous necklace that's perfect for day and night...this stunning Amanda Bell necklace is inspired by the metalwork pioneered by celebrated French Art Deco desi...

£ 12.00

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Crusades Presentation Boxed Chess Set
Skilfully hand decorated by the artists at Studio Anne Carlton, these pieces represent the Christian side led by King Richard I of England, known as Richard the Lionheart, in combat with the Muslim ar...

£ 184.95

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Hear no Evil Gargoyle
Hear no Evil Gargoyle

Originally the word "gargoyle" meant any decorative carving used to channel water away from the roof. Nowadays it describes any grotesque figure inspired by medieval...

£ 8.00

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Arts & Crafts Oval Mirror
Arts & Crafts Oval Mirror

Recalling the "acid-etched" relief patterns of Arts and Crafts metal workers, our exquisite mirror is decorated with flowers, and with a butterfly inspired by a b...

£ 15.00

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Carols for a Victorian Christmas CD
Carols for a Victorian Christmas CD

The Victorians made carol singing from house to house an important part of their family Christmas. Give the day an unforgettable soundtrack of much-loved carol...

£ 12.00

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Rodin Bather Figure
Rodin Bather Figure

Toilette De Venus Statue (The Bather) by A replica of The Bather (also known as the Toilette de Venus) by Auguste Rodin (1840-1917).


£ 12.00

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