Homepage Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: School-aged children might enjoy Barbie, Spiderman or My Favourite Pony themes. They have dress up costumes for both children and adults. There are wings and wands, head boppers and horns, beards, moustaches and eyebrows. You can get invitations and thank you notes. There are theme decorations and tableware for passages like christenings, weddings and anniversaries. Adults can play party games, too, and they are available here, including scratch-off stripper cards. Some themes are sports oriented. Look here to find party bag fillers like candy, pens and pencils, puzzles, magic tricks, stickers and tattoos.

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Costume - White Spider Witch - Adult - Female
Adult costume - one standard Medium size. (Allow 5 working days for delivery)....

£ 17.99

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Scene Setter - Disney Princess - Aurora Sleeping Beauty - 85 x 127cm - Pack of 2
Add to your Disney Princess party decorations with these scene setter add-ons of Princess Aurora, otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty. These lightweight plastic wall decorations feature 2 poses of love...

£ 2.75

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Mask - Winged - Charleston - Gold
(Allow 5 working days for delivery). A winged eye mask with a richly coloured glitter finish. Elasticated at the back and moulded to fit the face, this is a simple, non-fussy mask to add sparkle to yo...

£ 3.40

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Banqueting roll - Plastic - Purple
Measuring 15m long and 1m wide, this re-usable, plastic coated banquet roll in rich purple is just the thing for covering the tables at your party. Ideal if you have a long table you wish to cover wit...

£ 11.00

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Fairy Girl - Blowout
Lovely bubblegum pink fairy theme from the creators of the Groovy Chick range. A hip and happy fairy decorates the roll-out tongue of this Fairy Girl themed party blowout tooter. Sold singly....

£ 0.50

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Costume - Flower Fairy - Small - Girl
(Allow 5 working days for delivery). Accessories such as hats and hand-held items as seen in photo are not included in costume set unless otherwise stated. Click the theme icon to see all the other si...

£ 19.25

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Horse Puzzle - 3D
Cleverly packaged, this horse shoe-shaped capsule contains numerous horse body parts which fit together, puzzle-style, to make a detailed 3D model horse of your own. The perfect party prize or gift fo...

£ 3.20

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Costume - Policeman USA - Medium - Boy
(Allow 5 working days for delivery). Become an officer of the law with this great american policeman's outfit. Costume kit includes shirt, trousers, belt and hat. A super party outfit or just fun ...

£ 21.00

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