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Misco.co.uk OverviewOverview: You can shop for networking equipment, office machines, plasma and LCD TVs. They have Adaptec, AMD, APC and Asus. They sell computer parts, components, laptops and desktop computers. They sell digital cameras, mobile phones and home theatre equipment. The have Veritas, Wasp, General Electric and items from Quantum. They sell AutoDesk, Avocent, Axis and Belkin. They have Sony, Sophos, Spirit and Symantec. You can shop by category or shop by brand. You can search through their components, datacoms, electronics and office furniture. You can find Targus, TCI, Telecoms, Toshiba and Ultra brand items here.

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Review 1 - Posted Jun 2008: NOT VERY HAPPY , ordered computer 16 june , reported sent off 18th ,25th june still not arrived , order went through misco ireland ,not uk misco changed postcode , goods went to depot at greenock 20 june yet never got to inverness depot , why someone never contacted me i will never know , goods returned to misco WHY? when you supply address , postcode and telephone nos .

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Altec V4121 Versitle Compact 2.1 Speaker System E3235
Computer Accessories...

£ 57.56

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Quantum DLT VS160 80/160GB SCSI Internal Tape Drive Kit BH2AA-EY

£ 622.74

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Abit AN8 32X SLi Socket 939/nForce 4/PCI Express x16/SATA II RAID/ATX AN8 32X
Computer Accessories...

£ 112.69

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Home & Garden...

£ 182.11

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£ 176.24

Buy It


£ 1,946.96

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Belkin NE-SCV Vertical Slip Case F8N007ea
Computer Accessories...

£ 15.26

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OCZ 2GB USB 2.0 Dual Channel Rally Drive OCZUSBRDC-2GB

£ 58.74

Buy It

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