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Jackpotjoy.com OverviewOverview: Some of their multiline slots are Bullion Bonanza, Lucky Charm, Count De Money, and King of the Jungle. You can indicate whether you are playing from the United Kingdom or the United States. Winners of prize drawings are notified by email. Prize points have no monetary value, but they can be used to enter drawings for prizes. This is an online casino website. There are games you can play for free, with a chance to win prizes such as cash, an iPod mini, cinema tickets, the Playstation portable, an espresso coffeemaker, or a digital radio. They offer a number of Classic Slots games, including Rock Around the Slots, Super 7, Coral Reef, Tycoon Progressive, and Flower Power.

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Review 1 - Posted Jul 2006: Really love playing. Excellent! - Anon

Review 2 - Posted Jun 2008: Such a shame they have so many problems with their servers. Always seems to be when the PJ's are high and if you get booted...you cant get back on which leaves the people who have pre-bought tickets free to play for PJ. Consider this rather unfair !!!!!

Review 3 - Posted Mar 2010: I have been a member of jackpotjoy for over seven years and overall it's been a good experience. I have to disgree about same winners, those that win often tend to be max card players so pro rata they can expect to win more often. Can't fault the chat hosts but as someone else said the night hosts can be trigger happy on the mute button. I have never won a large amount but remain loyal, I like jpj

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This stylish Black Short Raincoat will keep you perfectly warm in that in- between weather when you feel it's too hot for a coat, but nippy enough to cover up....

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Cannondale R500 Caad5 Tiagra Triple 2006 (Patriot Blue (gloss), 58cm)

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Bust A Move Ghost
Bust A Move is back and bursting onto your PSP (PlayStation Portable) with this frightfully addictive new addition: Ghost! Join Bubblen and Bobblen along with all new spooky characters and game-play ...

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Even Your Ears

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