Homepage Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: Not only are plants, flowers and gardening tools available here, but you can also buy design services and maintenance at an hourly rate. You can also check the weather forecast to help you plan your garden care for the next few days. They say they are the only gardening website that specializes in plants. The website is also an online gardening magazine, complete with regular columns by garden writers. Indoor gardens are giving fair attention on this website, too. Plants and flowers are their main thing. Once you've placed your order, you'll received regular emails that will tell you how to take care of your garden..

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Intermediate Bearded Iris
Deep purple flowers that add rich tones to the early spring border. This is one of the earliest varieties to bloom and its regal hue is one of the most popular flower colours too. Like all irises, it...

£ 6.95

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Oak Pot Mover
Save 7.00 off the RRP of 19.95Make moving large containers around the patio or other paved areas simplicity itself using this specially designed oak trolley with non-stick corrosion resistant castor...

£ 12.95

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Clematis (Group 3)
This beautiful summer-flowering clematis produces a mass of large, rich red flowers with creamy-brown centres continuously from July to October. It makes a perfect and reliable companion for a climbin...

£ 7.95

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Hand Tool Holder
Keep those essential tools secure and close to hand by carrying them in this handy and tough two pocket holder which can be easily attached to a belt.20% off RRP of 4.99...

£ 3.99

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Set of 3 Sage Green Glazed Pots and Saucers
Save 15 - now 39.95This set of country-style, rustic-edged pots are ideal for use indoors or in the conservatory. Made from terracotta with glazed sides, each pot has a drainage hole and comes with ...

£ 39.95

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Greetings card with seed pot (Calendula)
These delightful greeting cards have a pot of Thompson and Morgans calendula seeds attached to them under the stunning photo, along with full growing instructions. The cards are 20cm (8in) wide and 15...

£ 3.95

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Finasrain Seedspray Fan rose (flexible ferrule)
Fan shaped rose with flexible ferrule ensuring that the rose can be fitted to a wide range of watering cans. Fine brass face for lightly watering seeds in trays beds etc....

£ 2.45

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Freeplay Sherpa Torch
This amazing torch, which incorporates Freeplay wind-up technology together with ultra-bright recharge capability, is the only one you will ever need! It combines two torches in one - the best and the...

£ 29.99

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