Homepage CD-Wow.comWelcome Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: They have specific sites reflecting the differing charts with local products and showing local currencies in Pounds, US, Australian and HK Dollars, Euros, and Swedish and Norwegian Kronas. They are a small company dedicated to customer satisfaction and pride themselves on their commitment to service and discounted prices apparently does not mean reduced service levels. Two of the directors have spent the vast majority of their working lives in the music business as music wholesalers and distributors. They are also available on Interactive Television with ITV Digital, Bush Internet, Kingston Telecom and Freedomland.

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Review 1 - Posted Mar 2004: Decent prices, good descriptions and free delivery gets my vote. Could do with a better shopping cart that I can check on constantly and you shouldn't have to sign up as a member to make purchases. Just my opinion, but not everyone wants emails daily telling them of CD deals. - John L

Review 2 - Posted Jul 2009: Horrible. Sent me a defective cd and now I have to ship it back overseas at my own expense, plus I have to wait 2 weeks for them to receive it back and another 2 weeks for me to receive the replacement! Will never shop here again.

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DVD Region 1 - Nightmare on Elm Street 5:Dream Child

£ 8.99

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£ 8.99

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VARIOUS - DJ Networx Vol.29 (2CD)

£ 12.99

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DVD Region 1 - The Big Red One: The Reconstruction

£ 12.99

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BLACKJACK - Vad Vore Livet Utan Kvinnor

£ 8.75

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DVD Region 1 - Inside Deep Throat (NC-17)

£ 9.99

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ERA - The Very Best Of

£ 7.99

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DVD Region 2 - I Heart Huckabees: Widescreen

£ 13.99

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