Lessons Homepage LessonsWelcome Add to Favourites Add to Favourites Lessons OverviewOverview: They offer car data checks and vehicle inspections. This is an association of motorists that offers options beyond those of breakdown cover. In addition to breakdown cover, you can get motoring and travel discounts all over the United Kingdom and Europe. If you are away from home and repair is not prompt, they'll transport you and up to 7 passengers home, or anywhere in the UK. You can get a car loan or personal loan, after you use their budget calculator to determine how much you can afford to pay back. Their site includes a route planner that also gives you maps. You can also browse hotels and bed & breakfasts you may want to visit. They have various saving accounts to choose from.

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Review 1 - Posted Nov 2004: Well, just got back from my first lesson and the guy was nice enough, think I scared him a bit (you'd think they'd be used to it!). Anyway, had no problems getting it sorted online if that's what you're looking to hear, the payment section crashed once but who knows whose fault that is, eh? - Carrie

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