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ebookers.com OverviewOverview: The flights they access are with British Midland (BMI), British Airways (BA), KLM, Singapore Airlines, American Airlines and Air Canada. They advertise a number of Irish holiday events you might enjoy, such as the Belfast Festival at Queens, which is the largest arts festival in Ireland.. The group also consists of Travelbag and Bridge the World, all 3 companies have an extensive product range which include tours, excursions, hotels, car hire, activities, sports tours, safaris and soft adventure. If you want to make holiday plans in the Caribbean, click over to Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Grenada and Tobago, Jamaica and St Lucia.

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Review 1 - Posted May 2004: Huge site, absolutely huge! Plenty of options and some good deals, I was figuring it would be a list of all the holidays no-one wanted or something. - S. Beattie

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Hong Kong
ebookers cheapest fare to Hong Kong from 322.00 GBP. Subject to availability....

£ 322.00

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ebookers cheapest fare to Toronto from 265.00 GBP. Subject to availability....

£ 265.00

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New York
ebookers cheapest fare to New York from 185.00 GBP. Subject to availability....

£ 185.00

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ebookers cheapest fare to Hyderabad from 367.00 GBP. Subject to availability....

£ 367.00

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ebookers cheapest fare to Denver from 274.00 GBP. Subject to availability....

£ 274.00

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ebookers cheapest fare to Tokyo from 401.00 GBP. Subject to availability....

£ 401.00

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ebookers cheapest fare to Perth from 487.00 GBP. Subject to availability....

£ 487.00

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ebookers cheapest fare to Taipei from 416.00 GBP. Subject to availability....

£ 416.00

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