Homepage CarphoneWarehouse.comWelcome Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: They offer free courier delivery on all phones and orders over £50. They were the winners of the Customer Service Initiative Award in 1998, 1999 and 2001. Also if you lose your phone don't lose your numbers - let them save them for you. They offer customers consistently simple, impartial advice on everything to do with mobile communications. They actively support charity work and have listed the primary charities that they support on their website such as The Princes Trust, Barnardos and Get Connected.. They are now in 12 countries and have over 1,000 stores. Their aggressive expansion plans have made them the largest independent retailer of mobile communications in Europe.

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Review 1 - Posted Nov 2008: Awful - site claims they will deliver to an alternative address but will only deliver to credit card one - useless on phone when I complained, their complaint web ford doesn't work and they charge 7p/min to go on hold if you phone them. Avoid like a dose of the trots!

Review 2 - Posted Feb 2009: I've bought 8 phones from them via web site and local. The shop in Broadway center in Ealing - where I purchased my last one is a nightmare. It seems to be run by a group of 18 - 25 year olds (school drop outs) who don't really want to serve you unless you're buying a phone. They did everything possible to stop me handing my phone in for repair,even suggesting 5 times that I take it to Greenford

Review 3 - Posted Mar 2008: Carphone warehouse also own E2save, moile outlet and mobile matters. When experiencing problems with Mobile Outlet as they have gone out of business, I found the carphone warehouse very unhelpful and gave me the run around with false numbers to ring etc. I would be very careful about dealing with this company.Someone at the top is making a lot of money and then putting companies into liquidation

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Sony Ericsson W850i
FREE Sony Ericsson W850i with 8 months half price line rental on a 12 month contract. Standard line rental £35. Save 140. Available on Orange Dolphin 35 tariff. 250 inclusive x-net anytime minut...

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Motorola L6 Blue SLVR
Get the Motorola L6 Blue - Exclusive to The Carphone Warehouse. Only £39.95 on Orange Pay As You Go when bought with 10 airtime voucher. The Motorola SLVR V3 is extremely thin, only 10.9mm with a...

£ 49.95

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LG Pink Chocolate KG800
LG Pink Chocolate phone only available at The Carphone Warehouse. Only 109.95 when bought with 10 aitime voucher on Virgin Mobile Pay As You Go. Also includes an additional &pond;35 airtime. FREE de...

£ 119.95

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Samsing D900 Red
Samsung D900 Red only 199.95 when bought with 10 on Vodafone Pay As You Go. FREE delivery. This is the world's slimmest slide up phone. It has some great features including a 3.13 megapixel came...

£ 209.95

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Cath Kidston Nokia 6111 Pink
Get a FREE limited edition Cath Kisdton Nokia 6111, exclusive to The Carphone Warehouse. Offer includes 8.99 line rental for 12 months on a 12 month contract. Available on Virgin Mobile 30 tariff. Sa...

£ 0.00

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Cath Kidston Nokia 6111 White
Get a FREE limited edition Cath Kisdton Nokia 6111, exclusive to The Carphone Warehouse. Offer includes 8.99 line rental for 12 months on a 12 month contract. Available on Virgin Mobile 30 tariff. Sa...

£ 0.00

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Sony Ericsson K800i
FREE Sony Ericsson K800i with 9 months half price line rental on a 12 month contract. Standard line rental £35. Save 157.50. Available on Orange Dolphin 35 tariff. 250 inclusive x-net anytime mi...

£ 0.00

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Motorola V3 Lilac
Motorola V3 Lilac only £59.95 when bought with £10 airtime on Orange Pay As You Go. Extremely thin, only 14mm flip phone with colour screen, polyphonic ringtones, video playback, camera and ...

£ 69.95

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