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CBBC.co.uk OverviewOverview: This is a wonderful chance for your child to create and view themselves on the CBeebies websites. Due to restrictions imposed by particular publishing rights, the BBC Internet Shop can only distribute its products to countries within the European Union. Most stores will not have as an extensive range as that on this website. Product range and pricing may vary between actual stores and from that advertised on the website. They can change the background colour, add a border and choose a fancy button to link to all their favourite games and stories. They can also choose a special clock so they always know what the time is. MyCBeebies is the area of the website which the children can design.

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and Harry Tweenies cBeebies Potter CBBCUser Reviews: Obviously more votes have been cast than reviews given and voting is probably more reliable due to that fact. Voting is quick and easy and is over in just two clicks but it can really make a difference in providing information for other users.

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Review 1 - Posted Nov 2006: Re Young Dracula 1700 hrs Thursday's. One of the best comedy drama's on BBC in any age or time slot.Gets better week on week. Well done BBC,- Age 53.

Review 2 - Posted Dec 2007: i think it is fantastic for children like10 and under it is great for there homework the best part for them is the schools

Review 3 - Posted May 2007: vbgbgbhgfhgfhgfhghgfhghgbnhkjh

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