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CBBC.co.uk OverviewOverview: Product range and pricing may vary between actual stores and from that advertised on the website. They can change the background colour, add a border and choose a fancy button to link to all their favourite games and stories. Most stores will not have as an extensive range as that on this website. Once created they can appear in games, a paperchain and very soon they'll be able to see themselves in other great content across CBeebies. Choose the pet they like the most: a kitten, puppy, hippo, panda or bunny - then choose its colour and give it a name. This is a wonderful chance for your child to create and view themselves on the CBeebies websites.

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Review 1 - Posted Jan 2009: i love it expeshily for 4 or 5 year olds its great i love big cook little cook its the best out of nearly all of the other cebebies channels but i like:come out side,balamoy there all great love from ebony xx age 6 loves all kind of films.Also kai age 4 loves cebeebies and also likes all kinds of films loves bob the builder and every thing but also loves alvin and the chickmonks meet frankinstyne

Review 2 - Posted Jul 2008: hi cbbc i think the website is great and i think all of the crew are too especially the presenters. Maybe a fewmore games but its not urgent the website s tatally great Tamsin 13 from cheam

Review 3 - Posted Feb 2009: I think they are GREAT!!!!!!!!

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