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Woolworths.co.uk OverviewOverview: The baby shop offers nursery items, bathing, changing, travel, clothing and feeding supplies. You can click on special offers to see what's available in a variety of categories at any one time. You can get toys like dolls, puzzles, vehicles, music, learning, action figures and novelty toys. Gifts and party products include fragrance, stationery, confectionery, fun lighting and tools. Games can be ordered for Playstation 2, Xbox, GameCube, PSP, Nintendo DS and PCs. Under Sports and Outdoor you find bikes, trikes, trampolines, play houses, garden sheds, barbeque grilles, sports equipment and garden furniture.

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Review 1 - Posted Dec 2008: i think it is shamfefull of the governtment to let a company like wooolworths close they did with mgrover and have sold off landrover and jaguar they are in to helpthemselves they do not care about people it is time for a change to have a islamic governtment who actually care about business the saudi brothers would have not let companies like mg rover or woolworths close TIME FOR A CHANGE VOTE

Review 2 - Posted Jul 2007: I live in Kent,every time I go into my local store to buy a DVD or CD it's not in stock so I ask why have three or four empty cases on the shelf but no disc? Does your distribution centre only send empty cases? Anyway,today,Friday 13th July 2007 was the last time I will be shopping in your stores. From now on I buy my DVDs and CDs elsewhere and the same applys to anything else i might need.

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Anthology [US Import]

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The Woods

£ 8.99

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Foreign/Maybe [Australian Import]

£ 11.99

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Bombastica! [Swedish Import]

£ 10.99

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Roy Buchanan [US Import]

£ 8.49

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Wild Gift (Expanded And Remastered)

£ 8.49

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Brasiliana - Three Centuries Of Brazilian Music

£ 10.99

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Studio 1

£ 11.99

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