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TSF1.com OverviewOverview: There is a size chart to help you order clothing. They have men's fashion padded jackets, ladies sleeveless t-shirts and caps. This is a website for ordering Formula One, Grand Prix and other motor sports merchandise. They have Renault F1, Sauber Petronas, Senna, Toyota F1 and Valentino Rossi. They have a newsletter you can get by sending in your email address. You can order model cars and motorcycles built to 1-12, 1-18, 1-43 or 1-64 scale. They sell calendars with photos from auto and motorcycle races. You can purchase Virgin Gift Experience Days through this website. In their "Team Shop" you can find items from Arrows, BAR, BMW Williams and Damon Hill.

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Review 1 - Posted Jun 2004: Considering the number of us that are big fans of Formula 1 I'm surprised at the limited number of specialist merchandise stores. You can't walk down the high street without bumping into a football 'souveneir' shop these days ... guess F1 fans aren't big enough mugs! - K. Iannish

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Ford Escort The Story (Star of Rally, Road & Track) DVD
For almost half a century, one car stood above all others in Britain on road, rally and track - the Escort. If you've ever owned one or enjoyed rallysport, then this is the DVD for you. This compr...

£ 16.99

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David Wilson-1978 Martini Porsche (Moby Dick)
A stunning, artist signed, side profile of the 1978 Martini Porsche 935 (Moby Dick) Mass/Ickx Silverstone 6 hour winner...

£ 27.99

Buy It

Avon Centenary Raceday Castle Combe 1985 Programme
Official event programme for the 1985 Centenary race day at Castle Combe....

£ 5.00

Buy It

Red Bull Racing F1 Team 2006 Pit Crew Figure
Red Bull Racing F1 Team 2006 Pit Crew Figure.Jim Bamber’s pit crew is a collection of 13cm high figures in cold cast resin, superbly crafted and expertly decorated in the uniform designs of For...

£ 19.99

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Team Johansson Gulf Stripe Tee White
Tee Shirt featuring the famous Gulf Sponsor was 19.99 !!...

£ 7.99

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David Wilson - Jordan EJ11 Jean Alesi signed by artist Measures 48cm x 32cm (19"x13")
A stunning profile of the Jordan EJ11, as driven by Jean Alesi in the 2001 USA GP. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery on this item....

£ 25.00

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1:43 Model Lead Pit Crew Figures
1:43 Scale Lead Pit Crew Figures. You will receive either tyre changers or jack men....

£ 10.00

Buy It

Formex 4Speed SC 800 Chrono-Tacho Quartz - Blue
This elegant and functional gentlemens watch is powered by a quality Swiss quartz movement. Though the more compact SC 800 range may not share the same striking design as other Formex models, it disti...

£ 545.00

Buy It

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