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LloydsTSB.com OverviewOverview: This is an Internet banking site for personal, business and corporate banking. Students get an interest free overdraft line that increases with each year you are at college. Their Islamic account is interest free and money in this account is kept in accordance with Shariah. . They offer the Classic and Classic Plus accounts both of which offer free banking, a debit card and commission-free travel money among other benefits. Their Student Account comes with financial advice and personal support throughout your years at university.

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Review 1 - Posted Oct 2004: Never had a problem and I've been with them five years now. I'm currently looking to get one of their loans which I suppose is a different product to their bank accounts but I'll let you know if I come across any problems along the way. Thanks. - G Hedrow

Review 2 - Posted Nov 2008: I have Banked with them for nearly 30 years from being a child under 10 In recent years had nothing but trouble with them from errors with cards with potential severe security breaches of data to a complete lack of regard not only to personal data but to customer service completly ignoring my letters for months on end and then denying all knowledge Each time you ring you get different opinions.

Review 3 - Posted Aug 2009: How many other companies get away with a website unfriendly to Apple computers? We would love to do internet banking but cannot unless we buy a PC. We also resent the amount of advertising they mail to us, carefully assigned to husband or wife. Yet they failed to inform us about the Classic account for years, leaving us on the current account which was exactly the same but with no interest paid.

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