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Pixmania.co.uk OverviewOverview: They have over 200 digital cameras to choose from, and several dozen digital cameras. They have LCD televisions, video projectors, TV-DVD combos and multimedia players. This is a site for digital entertainment in the form of cameras, camcorders, television video, audio and telephones. You can order your whole home cinema system and all its accessories. All manner of camera accessories can be ordered here. Televisions come from top manufacturers, including Toshiba, Hyundai and Daewoo. Under the "Sound" tab, they offer car radios, amplifiers, speakers, micro and mini Hi Fi systems and CD players. . Camera brands include Sony, Nikon, Canon and Kodak.

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Here are a few Random Reviews on Pixmania.co.uk:

Review 1 - Posted Dec 2004: Ordered a casio camera at 6pm monday 13th December, had an e-mail at about 9.30pm on the same day. Could track the package on the DHL site. Delvered at 11.50am wednesday 15th December.

Review 2 - Posted Jun 2006: First order sent faulty camera. Have taken since Feb 2006 to send me goods have only received part order - they are disputing this and saying I received whole order. They have been so difficult to deal with. - Anon

Review 3 - Posted Feb 2009: I'm so glad to read others having a pop with Pixmania. We ordered the 42 7000 on 27th december in there sale, we have also been given date after date and no joy..They are a waste of space!! I called Lg and was told of all 7000 been discontinued due to a Program fault although they found the solution LG thought best to just scrap all 7000. Customers are looking at the 6100 as it is roghly the same quality. As for Pixmania they are still stating that they will get some in and not to worry,,What a load of rubbish!! I'M so MAD! they take money and cant deliver, whats more up untill yesterday they were still advertising them for sale stating they were in on the 13th of feb..They did offer us a replacement which was something we never heard of?? We have been advised to hold on but I just want my TV. I just wish they would be truthful and stop messing people around..I want a like for like TV and thats that! They knew that LG had scraped the TV and they still took peoples money knowing they would not get them, they should replace tvs..sorry to go on and on but Im just so MAD

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Loud speakers 5.1 Balboa + VLB 50A x 2 speaker wall brackets
Immerge into the extraordinary world of sound provided�by the 5.1 JBL�loud speakers Balboa.The Balboa�contains 2�sateliites Balboa 10, 2 Balboa 30�speakers,�one�Balboa Center speaker and...

£ 553.00

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Play Big Videoprojector IN76 + Home Cinema System 5.1 DivX HT-Q20
Benefit of a real movie theater comparable quality in your living room thanks to the Play Big IN76 videoprojector, a true concentrate of design and visual technologies, that might evade you into the h...

£ 1,384.30

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13 x 12 x 13 mm Heatsink for PC memory
Made from anodised aluminium, this heatsink is specially designed for RAM memories as it provides the required aeration while optimising the�life span�of the component�and minimising�the risks...

£ 3.00

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sonic digital 30 2.1 800 w pmpo system
2.1 System � SONIC DIGITAL 30 �Active multimedia systemPower output 800 W PMPOHigh range product design- Lacquered piano finishing Colour: black, white, red 1 compact black sub wooferElegant and ...

£ 29.00

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Z610i black + Bluetooth Kit WEP200
The mobile phone Z610i, the design and 3G technology, gives you communication and leisure and at the same time elegance and extras, thanks to its purified aspect and with the presence of the OLED scre...

£ 237.37

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E0413743 Leather case + LI-42B battery kit For FE-150, FE-190
Here is a clever accessories kit for your digital Olympus photo camera. The E0413743 kit includes a stylish leather case that will protect your camera from bumps and scratches, and an LI-42B battery w...

£ 45.00

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104 Depeche Mode 4 GB MP3 Player in Black + ThePlug Access earphones
The special edition Archos 104 Depeche Mode� MP3 player� will enable you listen to numerous musical albums-anywhere, thanks to its 4Go hard drive..The Archos 104 Depeche Mode� is equipped with a...

£ 110.00

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GTA 275 Car amplifier 2/1-Channel
The car amplifier GTA�275�by Blaupunkt delivers impressive sound that�will enhance the sound in any vehicle. Variable LP/HP (low-pass/high-pass) and Bass Boost deliver controlled bass notes.The ...

£ 65.00

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