Homepage MusicRoom.comWelcome Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: They sell music software so that you can take an interactive tutorial on CD-Rom. You can find books on music theory, as well as theory exam papers. You can get music for all types of instruments, from folk instruments to piano, woodwind and percussion. You can get specialty songbooks, such as those for left-handed guitar players or beginners in piano. Sheet music related to the current season is highlighted in one section of the web page. You can order books for children, or you can get a reference book on a specific instrument. They offer books about the music business in general. You can find musical humour and subscribe to their email newsletter about music..

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It's Easy To Play Top 50 Hits - Volume 1
A great collection of Big Chart Hits, arranged for easy-play piano. Includes lyrics and guitar chord symbols....

£ 14.95

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Guest Spot: Soul Playalong For Flute
Step into the spotlight and play along with the superb backing tracks on the specially recorded CD....

£ 10.95

Buy It

The Big Acoustic Guitar Chord Songbook (Gold Edition)
Learn to play eighty classic songs from the 60s and 70s. Complete with full lyrics, guitar chord boxes and playing guide....

£ 9.95

Buy It

Guest Spot: Film Themes Playalong For Saxophone
Ten big-screen hits in melody line arrangements by Jack Long, with CD backing tracks to play along with....

£ 10.95

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Guest Spot: New Love Songs Playalong For Alto Saxophone
Ten great love songs in melody line arrangements by Simon Lesley with specially recorded backing tracks. Includes Will Young Evergreen, Atomic Kitten Whole Again, and Enrique Iglesias Hero....

£ 10.95

Buy It

Les Choristes: Piano, Chant (Choeurs) Et Paroles
A beautiful selection of 9 choral pieces from the successful French film Les Choristes or The Choir arranged for SSA with Soprano Solo and Piano accompaniment....

£ 19.95

Buy It

Guitar Case Guide to Left-Handed Chords
If you're tired of having to play 'back to front' from chord books, here is the answer!...

£ 4.99

Buy It

Easiest Keyboard Collection: Robbie Williams
Twenty-two Robbie Williams hits in easy melody line arrangement....

£ 8.95

Buy It

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