Homepage MakeFriendsOnline.comWelcome Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: The chat room is a fast and easy way to have a conversation and still retain a bit of anonymity. While most of their members join with the intention of finding a partner, many find friends as well. You can change your search criteria at any time. If you have a very long letter to compose you might want to do that offline first then copy and paste it after you log on.. They say that people on dating websites want to see what you look like before they spend much time getting to know you. Members can communicate with each other by message board, chat room and private email or QuickMail. They advertise a safe and friendly place to get in contact with people online.

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Review 1 - Posted Apr 2010: Sadly the new owners have ruined what was a wonderful site to meet friends and, for some, to meet and marry. Loyalty payments where offered after a year's full membershp - from £59.95 down to £29.95 and for those over 60, they only paid £9.95. Now the owner want £144/pa - a very steep increase in anyone's book. We also had pretty much free speech on the message boards - not now sadly.

Review 2 - Posted Feb 2009: Well don't expect much in the way of help from this site if your safety is compromised. Both myself and my girlfriend were harassed for months by someone on that site, someone i'd known before my girlfriend. They harrassed us on the site, on instant messenger, by telephone, by mobile, by email etc The site's owner refused to cooperate with the resultant police enquiry.

Review 3 - Posted Apr 2010: Relative to what it was MFO is very much a third rate site. It's organizers run a dictatorial site and intimidate it's members by reading their personal mails (illegal !!) and issue bans for the most trivial of reasons. In the event of being banned members are then invited to re-join the site but pay a higher membership fee - is this again legal ?? Other better sites are available - free !!

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