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LoopyLove.com OverviewOverview: If you decide to meet someone in person they suggest the usual precautions like meeting in a public setting and maybe even taking a friend with you. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this service. They recommend that you retain your anonymity. They finance the website by showing you advertisements, sending emails and collecting data for their advertisers. All transactions on the site are recorded and time-stamped. The site is designed to allow individuals to contact each other based only on their registered screen names. This website occasionally offers messages from advice columnists who answer relationship questions for entertainment purposes only..

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LoopyLoveUser Reviews: We list all types of reviews whether they are positive or negative to help you make a more informed decision prior to purchasing an item. You IP address is logged when you submit a vote to make sure you only vote once - (that's all you need isn't it?). Ratings, by votes cast, give a more average impression of the site as both good and bad service will be commented on by a vote as opposed to actual written reviews.

Here are a few Random Reviews on LoopyLove.com:

Review 1 - Posted Oct 2004: I signed up with Loopylove.co.uk, and I only wanted one months membership to try it out. From what was understood when I signed up, it was a one off payment for one month. Nine months later they have been charing me every month without my knowledge, complete scheisters!!!

Review 2 - Posted Apr 2008: A great site. Easy to use and has a very laid back approach. I paid for a three day trial and met a gorgeous guy in two days. Fantastic.

Review 3 - Posted Dec 2006: I tried loopylove and it is not free as it says. Absolutley not free and the same price as all the rest, expensive. Not very reliable either and they have a few other sites with the same database of people. www.girlsdate4free.com is another site of theirs and alot more expensive not the same prices there. So I would NOT recommend it to anyone. Maybe there will be another one coming out which may be much better. I know that they need the subscription costs for further advertising to get more members but the costs are rediculous. - Anon

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Metro by Bennett, D.F.H.

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Office design is one of the most rapidly changing and exciting areas of architecture and interior design. This book showcases stunning workspaces from Asia-Pacific, the place for cutting-edge design....

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End Of An Era [2CD Digipak]

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Little Nikita
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Engelbert Humperdinck - Engelbert Live [With CD]
Tracklisting: 01 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing 02 Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You 03 Stranger In Paradise 04 Per El Amor De Una Mujer (I Knew That We Have Loved Before) 05 Nothin' A Little L...

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Vila Recife is situated close to the splendid centre of Albufeira and is surroundeed by beautiful gardens with palm trees....

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