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Kaspersky.com OverviewOverview: They offer updates of spam signatures as frequently as every 20 minutes. They send out urgent updates to protect your computer when new malware is detected. Their products are designed to keep up with complex new viruses and hacker programs. If you're in the United States or Canada you have access to their free trial program which allows you to try out their personal antivirus and antihacker products before you purchase anything from them. They support one of the largest libraries of virus definitions in the world - over 120,000 records and climbing. They produce anti-virus systems for workstations, application servers, e-mail gateways, firewalls and Web servers..

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Review 1 - Posted Mar 2009: I have got a subscription and have just downloaded the 2009 version which was a 45 odd meg file, download and install, took approximately between a minute and half to 2 mins max, which is brilliant ,however the database took 2.4 hours to download! and was corrupted so im having to do it again,is it not possible to put the databse updates in a direct download page also,with a self installing file?

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