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KLMuk.com OverviewOverview: Pets that travel unaccompanied may be shipped through their freight department. This is an airline website for residents or visitors of the Netherlands. You can hire a rental car through this site. The city guide gives current information on shopping, weather and entertainment in your favourite destination city. Children over two years must have a reserved seat. If you want to fly a whole group of people their “Cityhopper" program allows anyone to rent a tailor-made flight. In certain cases pets may travel in the cabin if the size and weight of the kennel allows that. Children ages 5-14 can make use of the Unaccompanied Minor Service. Pets are welcome on their flights.

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Review 1 - Posted Nov 2006: nxw58x

Review 2 - Posted Jul 2009: Website is truly dreadfully confusing with many print icons that do not work. I have mentioned this but no reply. Please simplify the website including the Flying Blue sections and then: test it all for user-friendliness GD

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