Homepage Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: Drivers under 25 and over 65 years old need to check for any age restrictions that apply in certain destinations.. If you get a ticket, you must pay for your own parking or traffic fines. Personal Accident and other non-mandatory insurances are not included with your car rental. If you do not have your correct flight number and arrival time for airport pick-ups, you must notify them at least a week in advance, otherwise you will be held financially responsible for a failed rental if you can’t give that information. They have been voted “Best Leisure Car Rental? in several trade magazines and countries in the late 1900s and early 2000s.

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UK HolidayAutosUser Reviews: The claims made in reviews regarding products and/or services provided by the listed company may be completely true, they may be completely false - sorry if that doesn't really help you.. Only reviews that are reasonable, calm and which express concerns that we feel may affect your shopping experience are placed below. Alexa web ranking is based on traffic (ie visitors) the website receives.

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Review 1 - Posted May 2004: Their site rejected my first credit card and gave me an option to key in the details of another card. Discovered when I cam back from my holiday that they had charged both cards. They sent the details too late, no car reserved. Had to use another service. No number to contact. Will never use again.

Review 2 - Posted Mar 2004: As far as I can see their prices are quite higher than companies like E------ and B-----C---. They do have the coverage though but I'm sure that most people will be like me and find a company that specialises in the area I'm going to to get the best price.

Review 3 - Posted Sep 2008: I took out the fully comprehensive package with Holiday Autos when I hired a car in Nice France., thinking I would be covered for all eventualities. When I picked the car up from Europcar I was asked if I wanted to take out fully comprehensive insurance!!! I told them I already had. They told me ‘”not with us you haven’t”. They then explained that if anything happened I would have to claim from Holiday Autos. Something did happen and I am attempting to claim from them. In my opinion, I was therefore, mis-sold insurance. Trading Standards agree with me. Over six weeks later I have still not been refunded the cost of this unfortunate experience. When I returned from France I contacted their customer relations and explained in no uncertain terms, how unhappy I was not to have had this explained to me. They apologized and told me that it should have been made abundantly clear to me when I purchased the full cover that I would have to claim through them. Needless to say, had I known this I would not have used you. In fact if you look on the Internet you will see many similar cases and complaints for exactly the same problem I am having. Summary DO NOT USE HOLIDAY AUTOS. Its just not worth it.

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