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HifiBitz.co.uk OverviewOverview: Their online catalog covers more than 2000 products. When you buy something from them, you automatically become a member of their club, which awards you one point for every pound you spend. Home cinema and hifi brands listed on their Manufacturers page include Epos, Goodmans, JBL, Mirage, Nakamichi, NEC, Hamilex, Harmony, Mission, Infinity and Grado. They sell DVD players from Arcam, Crown, Cyrus and Denon. They offer home entertainment furniture like DVD and CD racks, equipment racks and you can access buyers’ guides to help you decide what you really need to buy. They offer free shipping on the United Kingdom mainland. .

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Review 1 - Posted Jun 2004: Great selection, prices come in marginally under the retail price. The reason I shop there is that the equipment is updated more frequently that high street store. You don't want to buy the old version when there's a new one just out do you? They get my vote. - Jack Y.

Review 2 - Posted Nov 2004: I sent them 3 different emails, one to their customer service, one to their technical support and a third to their sales and they ALL came back to me as 'undeliverable'. When I rang the company and spoke with their sales dept and then with their so-called 'technical' dept, neither were in the least bit interested. If this is a sign of their 'caring' thank gd I didn't actually BUY anything from these clownz.

Review 3 - Posted Feb 2005: I rang Hifibitz for some advice on speakers and was pleasantly surprised with the telephone oprators level of knowledge. I eventually ordered some Wharfedale Diamonds and they arrived 3 days later, no problems. Would definitely recommend

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van den Hul "The Optocoupler" Digital Interconnect (Toslink to Toslink) - 2 Metre
High bandwidth, low-loss and low jitter optical digital audio and video interconnect Voted Best Digital Interconnect at the What Hifi awards 2001 Price is per cable Toslink to Toslink (e.g. Minidisc d...

£ 66.99

Buy It

Chario Constellation Ursa Major Floor Speaker - Cherry
Each Ursa Major system is made up of two cabinets: the lower, containing two subwoofers and the upper, containing one woofer, one midrange and one tweeter. The two wooden structures are separated by m...

£ 4.00

Buy It

Sony STRDA7100ES AV Receiver
Sony STRDA7100ES AV Receiver...

£ 1,599.95

Buy It

Sonos Digital Music System Pack 3 - 2 Zoneplayers, 1 controller and 2 pairs MA Radius R90 Speakers - White
Sonos is the first and only digital music system that lets you play all your digital music, all over your house-and control it all from the palm of your hand. Best of all, you don't need a PC in e...

£ 1.00

Buy It

van den Hul The Snowline Speaker Cable - 4 Metres, : 2 at each end
The design aim of The SNOWLINE was to produce a very affordable twin lead loudspeaker cable with a good sonic quality despite its low price. With your eyes closed you will not believe that such a slen...

£ 36.50

Buy It

Monitor Audio Silver RS8 Floorstanding Speakers - Natural Oak
Equipped with two 6” (150mm) C-CAM bass drivers, a 6” C-CAM mid driver, and a 1” (25mm) Gold Dome C-CAM tweeter, the floor-standing RS-8 is the latest incarnation of a true giant-kil...

£ 799.90

Buy It

Velodyne CHT-8R Subwoofer - Cherry
The CHT-8R is the entry level model in Velodyne’s all new Classic Home Theatre range. All the CHT series feature a forward firing bass reflex design. This combination of front firing driver and ...

£ 299.00

Buy It

Boston Acoustics DSi455T2 In-Ceiling Speaker
This two input in-ceiling speaker with its two tweeters and dual voice coil woofer, allows for the reproduction of both the left and the right channels of music from a single speaker location Dual voi...

£ 169.00

Buy It

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