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Halfords.com OverviewOverview: Currently over 2,750 products including the very latest bikes, in car audio and entertainment, car cleaning, child seats, outdoor leisure and equipment, motorcycle accessories and workshop equipment. If you buy your child's car safety seat from them, they will fit it into your car for free. They offer products for people who literally want to go somewhere. . They have a fitting service for batteries, wiper blades, car bulbs, cycle mudguards and other items that are purchased in their store. They offer outdoor leisure equipment like tents, sleeping bags, rucksacks, campfire cooking equipment, camping furniture and general accessories from picnic supplies to nylon repair kits.

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Review 1 - Posted May 2004: I've always been a loyal customer of Halfords and therefore I've used their site alot. There's quite a few things that I would still go the actual store for (audio advice etc.) but the rest such as cleaning products are a nice easy purchase online. - Jim R.

Review 2 - Posted Feb 2009: I would like to sing the praises of two members of staff at the Yeovil branch of Halfords. Andy and Kevin assisted my husband and I when we had problems with a Tomtom that my husband bought just afte Christmas. Both Andy and Kevin gave us their full attention and spent a large amount of time dealing with Tomtom on our behalf. I can honestly say nothing was too much trouble for them.Jane P

Review 3 - Posted Jun 2008: hello my name is sanjay and i visited my local halfords, in wellingborough to purchase a sat nav, i asked an assistant if someone was able to help, she said if i'd liked to wait she would get help, so i waited, could you believe for almost 15 mins, still no one arrived i eventually just left the store, i could'nt believe the poor customer service given, i'll buy somewhere else.

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Thule Fitting Kit 127
Thule Fitting Kit 127...

£ 28.51

Buy It

Camelbak Reservoir Dryer
Collapsible frame and trim-to-fit design...

£ 8.99

Buy It

Motorcycle Bug Shift
Motorcycle Bug Shift...

£ 4.99

Buy It

Kona Firemountain
Kona Firemountain...

£ 332.99

Buy It

Haynes Mitsubishi Pajero (83 - 96)
Haynes Mitsubishi Pajero (83 - 96)...

£ 18.99

Buy It

Pampered Princess Tax Disc Holder
Pampered Princess Tax Disc Holder...

£ 4.99

Buy It

Sony CDX-GT200 CD Tuner
CD tuner with MP3/WMA/ATRAC playback...

£ 99.99

Buy It

Carisma TVR Cerebra Gold Fridge Magnet
Carisma TVR Cerebra Gold Fridge Magnet...

£ 2.99

Buy It

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