Homepage GroovyChocolate.comWelcome Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: You can upload your own pictures and artwork onto their website, and they will use them to create gifts and party favors that could only come from you. The edible message and artwork are printed right onto your chocolate bar, rather than the wrapper. The founder of the company noticed how much people loved it when cakes and other foods had their names printed on them, so he developed a process by which words and even artwork can be printed (and eaten) on chocolate. Their dark chocolate is made up of 70% cocoa solids, and their milk chocolate is 38% cocoa solids, both of which are much larger percentages than you'll find in common store brand chocolates.

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Review 1 - Posted Jun 2004: Excellent idea, I can never think of what to get people for their birthdays or Christmas and getting a box of chocolates (or flowers) says 'I couldn't think of anything else' so having a personalised chocolate gift makes it seem a bit more personal to me. - Laura J.

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Witte Titanium Coated Screwdriver Bit Witte screwdriver bits are made to very exacting standards. They ensure maximum transmission of torque to the screw. This is achieved by a special hardening proce...

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Shaolin Warrior - Fighting Punches And Kicks Volume 1
If you want to win a fight or defend yourself against an attacker then your punches and kicks need to have power, speed, and precision. Fusing ancient Shaolin tradition with cutting edge 21st century...

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Cordless mouse for presentations 2.4 GHz Presenter + PC Internet Chat Microphone Headset
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Draper Large Magnetic Parts Tray
Large Magnetic Parts Tray For storage of nuts, bolts, screws, etc. whilst working. Tray has magnetic base for affixing to metal objects such as vehicle bodywork, tool boxes etc. Magnetism transfers to...

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