Homepage Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: They offer fixed odds betting on the world's major sporting events 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. . Established in 1926 and based and licensed in the United Kingdom, they are now one of the leading betting and gaming operators in the World. Coral also operates an online casino at and an online gaming site at and an online poker site at They even own and operate 2 of the leading greyhound racing stadia in the country - Romford and Hove. They operate over 1100 Licensed Offices throughout the UK so customers will never be far from one of their sports shops.

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Review 1 - Posted Nov 2004: Found the Corral site a little cluttered but once I got the hang of it my gambling life has become so much easier! Great bookies, I make sure to check odds across several providers and these come out best the majority of the time. - Dury K.

Review 2 - Posted Sep 2009: Very innovative with ideas like Cashback. Website is tedious to use. Multiple bets are not easy to place like wanting to place individual bets on 2 or more horses in 1 race then wanting to also combine into f-cast/tricast is too iterative. Recent use of complex banner ads in screens slows the whole download screen refresh and navigation down. Jim

Review 3 - Posted Sep 2009: Frustrating site and very poor compared to peers. Competitors have racecards and information available previous evening which is helpful in planning ahead. (Some of us do need to work). Also antepost functionality is useless. Why are early prices quoted and then put back to SP on the day before the race. What's the point of that. Mick

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