Homepage Add to Favourites Add to Favourites OverviewOverview: They established themselves by introducing the 901 Direct/Reflecting speaker system in 1968 with which they achieved international acclaim by setting a new standard for lifelike sound reproduction.. Today, they have operations in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and have recently entered the markets in China and India. They have also designed professional sound systems for many applications, including stadiums and auditoriums, houses of worship, retail businesses, department stores and restaurants. While many of thier products are designed for entertainment and home audio solutions, you'll find their sound is prevalent in both the aviation and automotive industries too.

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Review 1 - Posted Jan 2008: I love my bose radio with the CD player. I can play a CD for an hour or so, when they have a talking show on my station. Thank you Carol S

Review 2 - Posted Nov 2004: My word they're expensive! I've always been a believer of "you get what you pay for" when it comes to quality, but I think that boze stuff is priced way too high. I bought it anyway (wave) and I must admit it certainly sounds the best ... it just cost soooo much! - Kath I.

Review 3 - Posted Nov 2004: Used to be a Bang & Olufsen fan when I lived in Sheffield as there was a store just round the corner. I still prefer the look of B&O but I think Boes has the edge on sound projection. A friend of mine has thier home cinema system and we're always comparing! - Tim H.

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ZINCO - KNITWEAR - Long sleeve jumpers - ON YOOX.COM
Light-weight jumper - Polo collar - Button closing - Side slit hemline - Shoe-string laces -...

£ 118.00

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Interpreting the Landscape from the Air by Aston, Mick

£ 14.99

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Royal Navy Handbook, The

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£ 36.00

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Chord Carnival Silver Bi-Wire Speaker Cable - 4 Metres, : No Terminations
Picture is of the 2 core version.Carnival Silver Plus has been designed for the hi-fi and home cinema enthusiast that wants excellent performance at an affordable price. Using a variation on ChordR...

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Le Grand Nkewa/Dorotina (Jip092)

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Stahlwil Inhex Socket 3/8 Drive Long 5mm

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Drop Dead Fred
Rik Mayall gives a typically manic 'Bottom'-style performance in this rip-roaringly funny comedy. This hilarious film also stars Phoebe Cates and Carrie Fisher. When Elizabeth (cates) return...

£ 7.99

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