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7dayshop.com OverviewOverview: They also have a search facility, just use keywords like 'Epson' or 'Kodak' or 'Gold' to refine the product list to precisely what you are looking for. They include computer and digital based products for which there is now a fast growing demand as photography leans towards the fast moving digital era. Launched in early 2000 they continue to establish themselves as the UK's largest Internet supplier to the photographic enthusiast market. The large range of photographic products already on offer, have been complimented by the many other new products that have been added since that time. You can view your order status by logging in to your online account and going to the My History page..

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Review 1 - Posted May 2004: Plenty to choose from but graphics could be a little clearer and the site could run a little faster. Payment online was no problem and customer services were friendly. - Geren K.

Review 2 - Posted Mar 2007: I have dealt with 7dayshop over a couple of years and have generally had no problem. A couple of times I have been informed they are out of stock of the item ordered but that could happen anywhere. Most of my orders have been for a range of products all on the one invoice. Often they have been the one with the cheapest prices for what I have been ordering.

Review 3 - Posted Jul 2006: Hi, I was told by a friend that this was the place to buy your goods, so I thought I give them a try, OH DEAR what a big mistake I put a order for ink for my Epson around the 20th June 2 packages where sent but I am still waiting for the 3 to arrive I emailed them last week and they told me it would be here in 2-3 working days but its the 6 July and I am still here wanting with no ink - Malcolm

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Photo Accessories - ND4 Lens Filter - 58mm

£ 10.75

Buy It

Fuji Superia 400 - 120 roll

£ 1.55

Buy It

Digital LCD Screen Shade - Model 40 / DSS2 ~ With Fresnel Lens

£ 15.99

Buy It

CompactFlash (CF) Memory Card - 1GB - High Speed 80x

£ 14.49

Buy It

7dayshop.com Cleaning Cartridge for Epson - T003

£ 0.99

Buy It

Canon BC06 Photo Inkjet Cartridge

£ 15.29

Buy It

7dayshop Rechargeable Ni-Mh Battery - AA Size (2500mAh) - Pack of 4 in FREE Case!

£ 2.99

Buy It

Photo Accessories - Rear Lens Cap - CANON AF

£ 1.99

Buy It

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